Saturday, July 18, 2009

FuN! WhiLe It LaStEd

Well we started out our morning like any other morning, waking up the kids early ,after they didn't go to sleep until around 3am.I love the mood that puts everyone in, even those of us that got some sleep. The way they are ready to explode on each other for no good reason except that it feels good to yell at one another. Anyway,we finally piled into the car and zoomed off to Circus Circus for some "Dome" action. Now before i go on let me mention that i usually research activities before I go, just see what funk I'm about to forgo.Not surprising ,most comments on the Internet are full of disgust and disappointment. The employees could care less if your there and the patrons that show up are doubly worse.Now when i was a kid and went to Circus Circus (pre-dome) it was nasty then. The buffet sucked ass and smelled like it to. To this day the smell still eminates from that building, as for the buffet,i learned my lesson years ago.
We had a great time from about 12noon until about 4pm or so. No long waits in lines to ride the 5 second rides and it wasnt that hot in the building. Now come 4ish o'clock the crowds showed up and heat started to rear its hot head.
THE CROWDS: When i first heard about America being obese it fell on deaf ears. Now that i have personally witnessed it.....HOLY SHIT!! I ve never seen fatter nastier sorts of life. Not that im in great shape by anymeans but im not a human pig.There was no way these people could even get on a ride. I assume they were there for the food and with the kids they brought whom were on the way to obesity themselves.
The gang crowd started to show up in droves. How tough do you have to portray yourself to families and twelve year old girls? Get a grip, Im sure thier mothers are proud.
THE HEAT: Like i said before when we first arrived it was barable.By 4ish o'clock I thought i was back in high school in gym class. It was so hot and humid we had to leave. And the smell...GOD DAMN! Some people do not bathe, and it smelled like urine and sweat. The place needs to be hosed down nightly.
Other than that it was a good time by all.

Friday, July 17, 2009

try out

Looks like im taking some advice from a good friend who suggested i speak my mind to the people. Im taking that advice and im gonna run with it.We will see how it goes and progresses.My initial goal is to write a blog everyday or every other day and seehow I like it or if you even like it.