Friday, December 24, 2010

Sometimes it hurts to walk....

When we were young life was easier, right? I know sometimes it seems that way. But the truth is life still is easy. It always will be. The only difference is we’re older, and the older we get, the more we complicate things for ourselves.

You see, when we were young we saw the world through simple, hopeful eyes. We knew what we wanted and we had no biases or concealed agendas. We liked people who smiled. We avoided people who frowned. We ate when we were hungry, drank when we were thirsty, and slept when we were tired.

As we grew older our minds became gradually disillusioned by negative external influences. At some point we began to hesitate and question our instincts. When a new obstacle or growing pain arose, we stumbled and a fell down. This happened several times. Eventually we decided we didn’t want to fall again, but rather than solving the problem that caused us to fall, we avoided it all together.

As a result, we ate comfort food and drank alcohol to numb our wounds and fill our voids. We worked late nights on purpose to avoid unresolved conflicts at home. We started holding grudges, playing mind games, and subtly deceiving others and ourselves to get ahead. And when it didn’t work out, we lived above our means, bought things we didn’t need, and ate and drank some more just to make ourselves feel better again.

Over the course of time, we made our lives more and more difficult, and we started losing touch with who we really are and what we really need.

What is it that I really need?

Do I have it already?

Im figuring that out one painful step at a time.....

Friday, November 5, 2010

GeT oN BoArD !!

I have been in the graphics industry for over 20 years. Doing everything from screen printing to vinyl cutting to installing car wraps. I have worked at many print shops and been contracted by alot of print shops all over the united states to do work for them. I wouldn't say that I love my job but it sure beats diggin ditches or standing in the unemployment line. Its a learned skill that I can take anywhere and be able to make money at it.
About a year ago I got hired on at a graphics house. I was hired do to my skill level, and put into a spot in the company that wasn't really my skill level, but they wanted me there so when the opportunity came around they could just move me up to the new position.
I didn't mind...lower pay , learned another new skill, and met new people who i really enjoy working with. I knew one day a position would open up in upper management and I could have a good shot at it. In the meen time I gave my advice on projects and helped streamline things in my current position and hopefully helped make things alittle easier. I definitely learned alot from boss and co workers.
Well the day came and i began my training to lead a shift. First i had to learn the new equipment and familiarize my self with new software and new people. NO PROBLEM.....So i thought!
After just a few days at the new position i figured out that learning the new software and equipment was easy and retraining the people would be the challenge.. At least a computer does what you tell it to (most of the time). The people at the new place are stuck in rut of doing things a certain way because "That's what we always do and there isn't another way to do it".....I wanna kill someone when they say that..there is always another way to do something!!!! And usually its better,easier, and cheaper!
The attitude of "My shit don't stink" is so over whelming it is disheartening. On a daily basis I am challenged to hold my tongue ( and keep my gun at home lol ..just kidding) and not go off and tell some people to pack their shit and BEAT IT!!!! If Ive learned anything thru my years is that you are only good as those who surround you. And with that being said ...we are running at 50%..
Now I'm not the type to just run away..I look at this as being a huge challenge , a mountain to climb , a goal to achieve. I will do what it takes to not get slumped in to the negativeness that already exists ,and turn things around. I have never worked in a place like this one. The discontent the back stabbing the thievery and the "I don't give a fuck" attitude.
My family is counting on it and so am I. I refuse to stand back and watch things happen...I will make things happen. I will be part of the solution not the problem. If they don't get on board they will be thrown from a moving train. And my train is about to take off fast!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I would like to first start off by saying....
But what I would like to say is that yesterday was Columbus Day.
Some people get the day off from work.
Some people marched in parades.
Some people marched in protest.
But I would have to say that ( in my opinion ) MOST people could give two shits what holiday it was.
As long as its a paid holiday from work , who cares?
The only thing I know about Columbus Day is that Christopher Columbus was a murderer , thief, and rapist.
We have people like that know and guess where they are?
In prison!
So why do we need to celebrate someone that isn't all that great of a person ? The only time I ever thought about him was when I heard his name in 7Th grade, and most recently, when I found out it is NOT a paid holiday for me.
Ya cant tell me we need this holiday of observance to a person of this stature.
I know we needed him to start the birth of what America is today.
OK ,Thanx C.C.
I'm glad that some places are changing the name of this day and acknowledging the right full owners of this day.
O'well guess ill wait for Thanxgiving for a day off of work and another holiday that is wrong in the history books.
It should be renamed "Turkey Day". Because that's what I'm focused on...The turkey!
I'm not really a history buff so I'm sure there will be some flack from this blog. I'm sure some of my stated facts are incorrect, but that's my point about the whole thing....People don't know and dont care to know. Its my blog and I will write what I want to and not worry about recourse....Like I always say " I'm just Throwin Words...catch em if ya want...throw em back if ya want"

Friday, June 25, 2010

If Ya CaNt CaTcH...DoNt ThRoW...

I find it absolutely hilarious and somewhat disturbing that people on facebook post their most personal details of whats happening in their lives at that moment. I thought facebook was for reconnecting with old friends and family, not airing out your dirty laundry.
Who cares if you just got in an argument with someone or you don't like some guy or girl because they said something about you behind your back. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND GO WORK IT OUT!!!!
Its amazing when people post the drama in their life at that moment and all the Dr.Phil's and Ofrahs pop up for the all inspiring comments. These are the same people that judge someone else's comment that they don't even know and put them down for even commenting on the post.
If someone posts something in a public forum then its fair game for all to post good or bad comments. Obviously the poster is looking for some feedback so ya better be able to handle some shit bein thrown at ya like a caged monkey. If ya don't want a comment then don't make a post. Stay out of the evil world of Facebook if ya cant handle the bad with the good.......If your throwing words...ya better be able to catch em too!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WhO dOeS hE tHiNk He Is?

I come home and where is he? He is where he always is...ON THE COUCH...SLEEPIN! How can someone do absolutely nothing all damn day and then be tired!? Geeeeeze hard freakin life ya got wake up and then walk around a minute mess up some shit. Then go get sumthin to eat. O SHIT...better take a nap! And ya go right back to the couch and take the good seat and then ya go back to sleep.
I'm tired of waking up in the morning ,come down stairs and see your fat ass in the same spot I saw you in when I went to sleep and when I went to work.
Get up! Do sumthin! Go outside! GET A JOB AND CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING TO THE HOUSE! What a waste of life.....all freakin 9 of them.
I Hate My Cat!
No, I take that back....I'm jealous of my cat, I don't hate em...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

ToiLeT LiFe

About a year ago we started toilet training my youngest daughter. She was only 1 and a half years old ,which was probably a little to young to start,but we did it anyway.

That went well for the first month or two but then she decided that was enough and didnt wanna try anymore. I guess the novelty wore off and it wasnt exciting anymore.

Now a year later and we are back on track. She is currently going when ever she wants to, on the potty. Sometimes we dont even know she is doin it. Im sure there will be lots of accidents in her panties but we are on our way to nolonger buying expensive diapers and adding to our landfill. Such a trivial thing to be excited about, but when its you that has to wipe a smelly shittty ass, its the best thing since sliced bread. It cant come soon enough that I will no longer get those nasty presents when we are at a store or out to eat. It allways seemed to happen at the worst time. I wont miss picking her up and all of the sudden my clothes are wet and yellow.

We are very proud of you Regan!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

LiFe ChEcK

Over the past couple of days my life has been put into alittle bit of perspective for me. A friend of mine is going through a major crisis. There is no way that he could have prevented it and there is no way to plan for it. He is merely living day to day not knowing what to expect from the hand life is dealing him right now. And after seeing and talking with him , it made me realize how greatful I am for what I have.

Everyday when you leave your house to goto work , run errands or meet friends or whatever...never let the last words to the ones you love be negative ones. Always make sure the last memory you have of someone is a good one until you see them again. You never know if that was the last time you get to see them forever. There is no need to waist hours arguing over stupid shit, that in 10 minutes you cant even remember why you were even arguing.

Im gonna try to make my life a win-win situation for me and those around me. Im not gonna waist time with negativities in life. Not gonna complain when i gotta do some bullshit task at home or work. Just gonna do it. Life is to short to be waisting time. Need to try and live life like its my last days.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I KnEw ThErE WaS a ReAsOn.....

I just got off the phone with my mother , and I had an " Epiphany ."...A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something. It only took 18 years to figure out what I was doing 25 years ago.

I WAS TRAINING MY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.!

When I was out doing all the things that I wasnt suppose to do , it was all a part of my training program that I started for my parents. YOUR WELCOME mom and dad! All the lies I came up with to try and deceive them and manipulate a situation to my needs , was part of their intelligence training. All the hiding spots in and around my room that they would try and find , was all part of their concealment training. And when I would plan to go out to parties with friends,but I told them something else, was part of their covert opts training.
I didnt realize it then, but I sure do know now! Good for my own sake I remember and learned from all of my mistakes and life experiences as a teenager. I especially learned to spot when things are going down hill with" my teenagers". There isnt any " lies " I havnt heard or "hiding spots" that I cant find.
Luckily I put my parental units through a fast pace long enduring training seminar of how to deal with me. And I realize now that I wasnt just doing it for them , but for me. I wouldnt have been able to deal with my kids if I didnt already know what to do when things went wrong.
So all in all ....with out me doing all the wrong things and training my parents in the way of disciplining.....they wouldnt have been able to train ME in the ways of teenagers...Thanx and Your Welcome.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

TiMe FoR a VaCaTiOn

Well I've decided to make a few small changes in my life this year that will hopefully pan out with big results. I guess only time will tell.
One of these changes is going to be less time spent on Face Book! I know that sounds ridiculous, but the evil Internet dragon sucked me in for awhile when i wasn't paying attention. Now I'm payin attention and I don't like what I saw. At first it was cool to be reunited with old friends. I enjoyed alittle sneak peak into the private lives that my friends cared to show me. The wise cracks that some people would post made my days on a few occasions.
But now it seems like I let it get the best of me. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I would do after getting my daughter settled ,was turn on the laptop and get on Face Book to what "my peeps" where up to. It was like reading a soap opera sometimes. The drama that people air out online was incredible. Things I feel should have been kept to themselves, would be placed out for all to see. Brutally honest, but I felt alittle embarrassed for them. But I loved reading it.
I guess the only thing i have to say about the whole thing is..Thanx for the good times. But I am no longer hooked by your evil ways. I let you {Face Book} suck me in and corrupt me long enough. I will only use you sparingly and responsibly. No more will i sit in front of you for hours at a time reading , posting, and playing Crackville!