Friday, June 25, 2010

If Ya CaNt CaTcH...DoNt ThRoW...

I find it absolutely hilarious and somewhat disturbing that people on facebook post their most personal details of whats happening in their lives at that moment. I thought facebook was for reconnecting with old friends and family, not airing out your dirty laundry.
Who cares if you just got in an argument with someone or you don't like some guy or girl because they said something about you behind your back. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND GO WORK IT OUT!!!!
Its amazing when people post the drama in their life at that moment and all the Dr.Phil's and Ofrahs pop up for the all inspiring comments. These are the same people that judge someone else's comment that they don't even know and put them down for even commenting on the post.
If someone posts something in a public forum then its fair game for all to post good or bad comments. Obviously the poster is looking for some feedback so ya better be able to handle some shit bein thrown at ya like a caged monkey. If ya don't want a comment then don't make a post. Stay out of the evil world of Facebook if ya cant handle the bad with the good.......If your throwing words...ya better be able to catch em too!