Saturday, February 6, 2010

LiFe ChEcK

Over the past couple of days my life has been put into alittle bit of perspective for me. A friend of mine is going through a major crisis. There is no way that he could have prevented it and there is no way to plan for it. He is merely living day to day not knowing what to expect from the hand life is dealing him right now. And after seeing and talking with him , it made me realize how greatful I am for what I have.

Everyday when you leave your house to goto work , run errands or meet friends or whatever...never let the last words to the ones you love be negative ones. Always make sure the last memory you have of someone is a good one until you see them again. You never know if that was the last time you get to see them forever. There is no need to waist hours arguing over stupid shit, that in 10 minutes you cant even remember why you were even arguing.

Im gonna try to make my life a win-win situation for me and those around me. Im not gonna waist time with negativities in life. Not gonna complain when i gotta do some bullshit task at home or work. Just gonna do it. Life is to short to be waisting time. Need to try and live life like its my last days.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I KnEw ThErE WaS a ReAsOn.....

I just got off the phone with my mother , and I had an " Epiphany ."...A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something. It only took 18 years to figure out what I was doing 25 years ago.

I WAS TRAINING MY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.!

When I was out doing all the things that I wasnt suppose to do , it was all a part of my training program that I started for my parents. YOUR WELCOME mom and dad! All the lies I came up with to try and deceive them and manipulate a situation to my needs , was part of their intelligence training. All the hiding spots in and around my room that they would try and find , was all part of their concealment training. And when I would plan to go out to parties with friends,but I told them something else, was part of their covert opts training.
I didnt realize it then, but I sure do know now! Good for my own sake I remember and learned from all of my mistakes and life experiences as a teenager. I especially learned to spot when things are going down hill with" my teenagers". There isnt any " lies " I havnt heard or "hiding spots" that I cant find.
Luckily I put my parental units through a fast pace long enduring training seminar of how to deal with me. And I realize now that I wasnt just doing it for them , but for me. I wouldnt have been able to deal with my kids if I didnt already know what to do when things went wrong.
So all in all ....with out me doing all the wrong things and training my parents in the way of disciplining.....they wouldnt have been able to train ME in the ways of teenagers...Thanx and Your Welcome.