Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Why does X-mas seem to be so stressful? Did I get the right gift for the right person? Are they gonna like it? Did I spend too damn much? Then again I guess you cant spend too much when you don't much to start with. I think the best gift I can give and the one I want to receive is "Friendship"! There is nothing better than my friends. My real friends..The ones I know I can count on at any given time. I don't have to name know who you are. I may not talk to all of them on a daily basis , but I know they are there if I need them. And my gift to you is my equal respect and "Friendship" that you give me. I think there is no better gift that can be received. Your friends are still your friends after 12-25-2009 is over. They are still going to give you there "Friendship" gift year round. So I guess what I'm sayin, is that for Xmas I just want to keep getting and giving "Friendship". Plus its free!
I think there should be a holiday for exchanging material crap. You know, the crap you will probably shove in a drawer or closet and sometime later sell at a yard sale or give away anyway. Maybe even make it so its a paid day off work... maybe even have a parade...ok maybe not that one..just a thought.
Well I know I will keep bein me and you keep bein you...and we should be alright.

Monday, October 12, 2009

OnE eYe OpEn ! !

Ive been staring at my blank canvas for words, for at least a month...not feeling the least bit motivated to write anything. Not that nothing exciting has happened in the last month or so, I just cant bring myself to putting it into words and letting MY world (small as it may be) view it.
Two of my three daughters celebrated a birthday in September. One turning 14 and the other turning 2. Both of them have the same birthday. By choice ,my wife and I and my now 14 year old decided that when it was time for my now 2 year old to be born, we would have it on the same birthday as my now 14 year old. The doctor gave us the choice of what day and it happened.
Now I'm not so sure if eventually that will be a cruel joke for the both of them. One may get alittle more attention then the other one year,or one may get an extra present then the other. Could this cause some catastrophic effect on their life down the road. Could one night, I am awoken by one, if not both of them, standing over me in my bed yielding a very large sharp object, muttering incoherently about "SHE GOT MORE" or "I DONT WANNA SHARE".
I hope not! Lord knows my wife isn't going to wake up and save me. She could sleep through a bar mitzvah at a synagogue.
I doubt anything major will happen. I plan on having a few (many) temper tantrums and feelings hurt when that once a year date rolls around. Hopefully later in life ,when they are in their twenties it doesn't cause one of them to start drinking to dull the pains of a miserable birthday experience when they were younger. If I'm lucky ill wind-up taking her to a church basement to share her tears with complete strangers and bash us for her birthday....if not so lucky, she ends up on the waiting list for a dead motorcyclists liver.
All in all, we are happy in the moment. Everybody is getting what they want for gifts and special attention time. So for now I better get as much sleep as I can before I have to sleep with one eye open.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Living, Becuz of my dream....

Im sittin here in my chair ,watchin t.v. ,pissing myself off. I worked my ass off for 14 years straight. Paid my taxes, paid my bills and tried to live the "All American Dream". I saved my money and pulled my resources and took the plunge to buy my first house...The dream starting. I married my lovely wife and took in her beautiful daughter as my own. We struggled together as a team through tough times just like everyone else does.
We both worked hard to get where we wanted to be in life. We wanted stability,live in a nice neighborhood, drive nice cars,and raise our kids (we were blessed with another one) safe and happy.
It feels great when the two of us make great leaps and bounds and accomplish goals as we set them for ourselves. We have the things we want, or should I say need. Its good to always want more. It makes us work harder and thats a challenge in life we both appreciate.
THEN, you have the types of people that have a few dreams but dont wanna work towards them and expect it all to be handed to them. Welfare,Section 8,Government Assisted im not sayin everyone that is apart of these programs is a problem. Some people really do need it and deserve the right to have it ,and when its given ,its used as a stepping stone to better themselves. But there are the pond scum that take advantage of the system and suck it dry. Those are the Assholes im refering to.
I see em everyday a few houses up from me on my block and all around my neighborHOOD. The "HOOD" is what my street is turning into, and thats why im pissed off! These Fuckers sit in their garages all day and drink beer and smoke menthol's. They never go to work. They have 10 fuckin kids and no money. They only pay about 80 bucks a month for rent while i have to pay 1500.00 a month. They get help on the utilities and receive food stamps. They get to live in MY DREAM for free.
My taxes are helping them fill their guts with fast food and junk. I see the garbage that litters the front yards everyday. There is NO way they have a job. Unless its allowed for you to show up drunk. I see em in the morning (6:30am) in the garage drinkin and when I would come home (5pm) drinkin...EVERYDAY!
It pisses me off to know that my wife and I struggle everyday to make sure there is a roof over our heads,bills get paid (most of them ,hehe) and the kids are safe and these Fucks dont do shit and get free money ,and wont ever do shit, because they get free money.
I guess what it boils down to is that my dream just has to get up and move. Im sure i can find a neighborhood that has the same dreams and drives that we want to surround ourselves with. With that being said there is no none to blame but myself. You wanna make sumthin happen? Then fuckin make it happen!
Maybe if im lucky, as my moving truck is driving away, that old nasty lamp i dont want anymore ,will accidentally be thrown from it and club some moocher in the side of the head ,and then he or she will have a true reason why they cant work.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I GoT NuThiN

Well i suppose i need to write something. It has been a few days since i last posted ,but not much has been goin on. Some days its hard just to get out of bed,my bones ache and muscles are sore like i worked out for a week straight. We all know that's not happnin. All from doin "nuthin"! Who ever knew doin "nuthin" takes so much work and effort.

I might wake up early one day and clean the house or do the laundry, or like everyday do the dishes from the night before from the dinner that i cook every night. And yet i still feel like i did "nuthin". Sure sounds like work and effort to me.

I guess in order feel like i did "sumthin" or anything close to an aclompishment for the day i need to have a goal and strive for it everyday.NOW that sounds like too much work and effort! I need to start off slow and remain in control. Maybe ill start by waking up before 8am everyday. Then maybe take Regan for a walk in the park before its to hot (we went everyday before it got to be 150 degrees out)and when i do the laundry ,actually fold it and put it away (NO KATIE I DIDN'T SAY THAT).

Those might seem like stupid goals to you ,but when your only goal is to see how many days you can go without showering or brushing your teeth until your not allowed in bed with your wife, those are good starter goals.

I just have to motivate from within and stick to it. Maybe ill start tomorrow. But for know I'm going to sleep on it,literally. Time for one of my many afternoon naps. Good bye all. Cause really I got "nuthin".

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In HeR ShOeS

I will start by saying this was all done in FUN. No one was forced to do anything they did not want to.
A month ago we took our female mini Aussie to be fixed. We've had enough of dealing with a female dog in heat, and two litters of puppies is enough to drive you to drink (more). When it was time to pick her up from the vet we took our daughters with us. The vet brought the dog into a waiting room to talk with us about caring for the dog after surgery. An ensuing loud amount of laughter started to come from my daughters. They were falling over laughing at the dog. She had to wear a cone around her head so wouldn't chew her new wounds. When the vet left the room my wife chewed some ass and set the girls straight. She didn't like them laughing at the dog and felt sorry for her.
Now personally,I thought the dog looked ridiculous and funny like a clown....but I kept my mouth shut.
When we got home I was talking to the girls about what happened at the vet. They thought it was no big deal and who cares what the dog thinks. My wife thinks the damn dogs are human. I don't see a problem making rugs out of them ,but she likes em. So anyway...I ask the girls how they would feel if it happened to them....OOOO no big deal was the answer. Who cares..I would do some of the things they said.WELL
11 days later and I'm taking the dog back to vet for a check up and cone removal. I didnt forget what the girls had said a few weeks back. I come home and Allie is awake first. I remind her what she said and offer a challenge. Whom ever can wear the cone for six hours will get 10 bucks. She jumped at the chance. We put it on at 11:30 in the morning and had to go till 5:30 that night and Idalas would go from 5:30 till 11:30 no if's and's or butt's. If the cone came off before 6 hours you lose.
They both went in public places (church and the movies) wearing the cones. I didnt even think they both would succeed in completing even an hour of this challenge. Im so proud of them in a wierd way. Im sure the man that chooses either of them will love to see and hear this tale of fun.

Monday, July 20, 2009

mY bOy

Well tonight is the last night i get to spend with my son until Christmas. In the morning he returns to Seattle where he lives with his mom. We had fun this summer, although it was only for 21 days, I cherished everyday.
We went to BB Q's and swimming parties,watched awesome fireworks show,ate a ton of good food, spent alot of time with friends and family and went to Circus Circus.
He's growing up into a fine person. I know he will keep on making us proud in his later years. I'm sure there will be many hiccups along the way (I'm sure no worse than myself) but I will try to be there if not physically then with positive reinforcement. Things could be worse, he could be robbing and in trouble with the law or plotting assassinations on his school. Thank god he isn't doing that. He's a good kid and I love em'.
His time here with me is getting shorter and shorter each year. He's getting older and he has his friends (girls) and other activities he is involved in. Ive come to accept that, which makes me value his time with me, even more. I'm sure eventually ,I probably wont see him except on holidays or other family times. I think that passage is gone through for every parent. One day you cant wait till they are grown so you can get rid of them, then when they are gone you want em back. Just like my parents, my door is always open and always will be.
I Love Ya Zach!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

FuN! WhiLe It LaStEd

Well we started out our morning like any other morning, waking up the kids early ,after they didn't go to sleep until around 3am.I love the mood that puts everyone in, even those of us that got some sleep. The way they are ready to explode on each other for no good reason except that it feels good to yell at one another. Anyway,we finally piled into the car and zoomed off to Circus Circus for some "Dome" action. Now before i go on let me mention that i usually research activities before I go, just see what funk I'm about to forgo.Not surprising ,most comments on the Internet are full of disgust and disappointment. The employees could care less if your there and the patrons that show up are doubly worse.Now when i was a kid and went to Circus Circus (pre-dome) it was nasty then. The buffet sucked ass and smelled like it to. To this day the smell still eminates from that building, as for the buffet,i learned my lesson years ago.
We had a great time from about 12noon until about 4pm or so. No long waits in lines to ride the 5 second rides and it wasnt that hot in the building. Now come 4ish o'clock the crowds showed up and heat started to rear its hot head.
THE CROWDS: When i first heard about America being obese it fell on deaf ears. Now that i have personally witnessed it.....HOLY SHIT!! I ve never seen fatter nastier sorts of life. Not that im in great shape by anymeans but im not a human pig.There was no way these people could even get on a ride. I assume they were there for the food and with the kids they brought whom were on the way to obesity themselves.
The gang crowd started to show up in droves. How tough do you have to portray yourself to families and twelve year old girls? Get a grip, Im sure thier mothers are proud.
THE HEAT: Like i said before when we first arrived it was barable.By 4ish o'clock I thought i was back in high school in gym class. It was so hot and humid we had to leave. And the smell...GOD DAMN! Some people do not bathe, and it smelled like urine and sweat. The place needs to be hosed down nightly.
Other than that it was a good time by all.

Friday, July 17, 2009

try out

Looks like im taking some advice from a good friend who suggested i speak my mind to the people. Im taking that advice and im gonna run with it.We will see how it goes and progresses.My initial goal is to write a blog everyday or every other day and seehow I like it or if you even like it.