Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WhO dOeS hE tHiNk He Is?

I come home and where is he? He is where he always is...ON THE COUCH...SLEEPIN! How can someone do absolutely nothing all damn day and then be tired!? Geeeeeze hard freakin life ya got there....you wake up and then walk around a minute mess up some shit. Then go get sumthin to eat. O SHIT...better take a nap! And ya go right back to the couch and take the good seat and then ya go back to sleep.
I'm tired of waking up in the morning ,come down stairs and see your fat ass in the same spot I saw you in when I went to sleep and when I went to work.
Get up! Do sumthin! Go outside! GET A JOB AND CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING TO THE HOUSE! What a waste of life.....all freakin 9 of them.
I Hate My Cat!
No, I take that back....I'm jealous of my cat, I don't hate em...