Sunday, May 8, 2011

HaPpY MoThErSdAy !!!!!!!!!

It took a special sort of someone to help raise my brother and I. It took someone who was not afraid to deal with life's earth shattering blow's, or the dreaded unknown. Someone who was compassionate when needed and hardened when she had to be. It definatley took bravery. It took bravery to tell the fire department that we didnt mean to burn down the overgrown alley way or to tell the police officers that we didnt mean to deface public property. It took bravery to trust in herself not to squeeze our necks really tight because we got home to late or didnt come home at all. And to believe all the times we said " we didnt do it "!.....You did believe us right?....
Thanks mom for everything you have ever done for my brother and me. We love you very much.