Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Living, Becuz of my dream....

Im sittin here in my chair ,watchin t.v. ,pissing myself off. I worked my ass off for 14 years straight. Paid my taxes, paid my bills and tried to live the "All American Dream". I saved my money and pulled my resources and took the plunge to buy my first house...The dream starting. I married my lovely wife and took in her beautiful daughter as my own. We struggled together as a team through tough times just like everyone else does.
We both worked hard to get where we wanted to be in life. We wanted stability,live in a nice neighborhood, drive nice cars,and raise our kids (we were blessed with another one) safe and happy.
It feels great when the two of us make great leaps and bounds and accomplish goals as we set them for ourselves. We have the things we want, or should I say need. Its good to always want more. It makes us work harder and thats a challenge in life we both appreciate.
THEN, you have the types of people that have a few dreams but dont wanna work towards them and expect it all to be handed to them. Welfare,Section 8,Government Assisted SCUM...now im not sayin everyone that is apart of these programs is a problem. Some people really do need it and deserve the right to have it ,and when its given ,its used as a stepping stone to better themselves. But there are the pond scum that take advantage of the system and suck it dry. Those are the Assholes im refering to.
I see em everyday a few houses up from me on my block and all around my neighborHOOD. The "HOOD" is what my street is turning into, and thats why im pissed off! These Fuckers sit in their garages all day and drink beer and smoke menthol's. They never go to work. They have 10 fuckin kids and no money. They only pay about 80 bucks a month for rent while i have to pay 1500.00 a month. They get help on the utilities and receive food stamps. They get to live in MY DREAM for free.
My taxes are helping them fill their guts with fast food and junk. I see the garbage that litters the front yards everyday. There is NO way they have a job. Unless its allowed for you to show up drunk. I see em in the morning (6:30am) in the garage drinkin and when I would come home (5pm) drinkin...EVERYDAY!
It pisses me off to know that my wife and I struggle everyday to make sure there is a roof over our heads,bills get paid (most of them ,hehe) and the kids are safe and these Fucks dont do shit and get free money ,and wont ever do shit, because they get free money.
I guess what it boils down to is that my dream just has to get up and move. Im sure i can find a neighborhood that has the same dreams and drives that we want to surround ourselves with. With that being said there is no none to blame but myself. You wanna make sumthin happen? Then fuckin make it happen!
Maybe if im lucky, as my moving truck is driving away, that old nasty lamp i dont want anymore ,will accidentally be thrown from it and club some moocher in the side of the head ,and then he or she will have a true reason why they cant work.