Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In HeR ShOeS

I will start by saying this was all done in FUN. No one was forced to do anything they did not want to.
A month ago we took our female mini Aussie to be fixed. We've had enough of dealing with a female dog in heat, and two litters of puppies is enough to drive you to drink (more). When it was time to pick her up from the vet we took our daughters with us. The vet brought the dog into a waiting room to talk with us about caring for the dog after surgery. An ensuing loud amount of laughter started to come from my daughters. They were falling over laughing at the dog. She had to wear a cone around her head so wouldn't chew her new wounds. When the vet left the room my wife chewed some ass and set the girls straight. She didn't like them laughing at the dog and felt sorry for her.
Now personally,I thought the dog looked ridiculous and funny like a clown....but I kept my mouth shut.
When we got home I was talking to the girls about what happened at the vet. They thought it was no big deal and who cares what the dog thinks. My wife thinks the damn dogs are human. I don't see a problem making rugs out of them ,but she likes em. So anyway...I ask the girls how they would feel if it happened to them....OOOO no big deal was the answer. Who cares..I would do it....is some of the things they said.WELL
11 days later and I'm taking the dog back to vet for a check up and cone removal. I didnt forget what the girls had said a few weeks back. I come home and Allie is awake first. I remind her what she said and offer a challenge. Whom ever can wear the cone for six hours will get 10 bucks. She jumped at the chance. We put it on at 11:30 in the morning and had to go till 5:30 that night and Idalas would go from 5:30 till 11:30 no if's and's or butt's. If the cone came off before 6 hours you lose.
They both went in public places (church and the movies) wearing the cones. I didnt even think they both would succeed in completing even an hour of this challenge. Im so proud of them in a wierd way. Im sure the man that chooses either of them will love to see and hear this tale of fun.