Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I GoT NuThiN

Well i suppose i need to write something. It has been a few days since i last posted ,but not much has been goin on. Some days its hard just to get out of bed,my bones ache and muscles are sore like i worked out for a week straight. We all know that's not happnin. All from doin "nuthin"! Who ever knew doin "nuthin" takes so much work and effort.

I might wake up early one day and clean the house or do the laundry, or like everyday do the dishes from the night before from the dinner that i cook every night. And yet i still feel like i did "nuthin". Sure sounds like work and effort to me.

I guess in order feel like i did "sumthin" or anything close to an aclompishment for the day i need to have a goal and strive for it everyday.NOW that sounds like too much work and effort! I need to start off slow and remain in control. Maybe ill start by waking up before 8am everyday. Then maybe take Regan for a walk in the park before its to hot (we went everyday before it got to be 150 degrees out)and when i do the laundry ,actually fold it and put it away (NO KATIE I DIDN'T SAY THAT).

Those might seem like stupid goals to you ,but when your only goal is to see how many days you can go without showering or brushing your teeth until your not allowed in bed with your wife, those are good starter goals.

I just have to motivate from within and stick to it. Maybe ill start tomorrow. But for know I'm going to sleep on it,literally. Time for one of my many afternoon naps. Good bye all. Cause really I got "nuthin".

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