Thursday, August 9, 2012



   Sometimes we meet people in our lives that maybe we shouldn't have met. We have our share of good encounters and bad ones...each tested who we are,who we have become and who we want to be.
   At the end of the day I think that ive been lucky to encounter both. Ive had the best people enter my life and ive had the worst. Ive had people who have lifted my spirit so high and made me learn so much,enriched my life in ways they will never know and made me grateful to be alive.
   Ive had the worst people enter and leave my life,who broke me down,made me question my self worth and tested me to see how strong and how much i could really take. 
   Ive had my heart opened and broken. Ive given too much and gotten too little. But, Ive  also gotten so much from all of those. Sometimes its the people in your life who hurt you who actually help your inner YOU more than you know. Its when someone pushes you to the edge....when they make you wanna jump...when they make you feel like you have no options.....that you get the strength !
   Ive been on that edge of a hopeless cliff. Ive had all my emotional baggage strapped to my heavy and about to tip me over.....and it is at that moment....that I chose to jump....and do you know what happened?....I flew....I let go. I was FREE. I jumped from that ledge of insecurity, of false promises, of endless tears and unbearable grief, of misery and denial, and I left that person behind. I left everything I thought was comfort and realized there was more beyond the horizon...just passed that ledge I was on...and I soared. 
   So sometimes we meet people who push us to that limit...because we need to learn that life is all about risks...and it requires you to jump. Dont be the person who always has to think "what if?".....take a stand for yourself...for all you are and all you ever wanted to be...let go of what holds you down,what hurts you....what makes you thinkl you cant fly....AND JUST JUMP.....

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