Sunday, February 2, 2014

EvErYoNe WaNtS oNe.......JuSt HaVe tO fInD iT

I found this on Facebook and it is worth reading and definitely worth doing.

What a healthy relationship looks like

Relationships are often misunderstood to be a simple commitment between two people; a dedication to each other with a sense of belonging to one another. Unfortunately, that kind of limited perspective breeds expectations, possessiveness and disappointment, and it reeks of ownership, greed, ignorance, and selfish desire. 

A healthy relationship is an agreement between two people to support each other's life practice. It is a vow to encourage each other's dedication, devotion and path, free from attachment or expectations (yet full of caring and compassion). A healthy relationship is based on unconditional love, not one where your need is to possess. Although you put plenty of "heart" into it, you lose nothing by giving it away. If each person is equally dedicated to inspire, create, awaken and enrich the lives of others, then there is no hidden agenda. It is far less important what one receives from the other as what one can give. Intimacy would suddenly surpass warmth and tenderness to also include patience, vulnerability, honesty, active listening, understanding, connection, and unwavering trust. 

There is a healing power inherent in this kind of union, and it is capable of deep transformation for both people. It is an incredible opportunity to actually practice what you learn (from non-violent communication to meditation, listening, mirroring, authenticity, resolve, radical honesty, appreciation, purpose, equality, celebration, and mutuality). A healthy relationship is a collaboration of sorts: two peaceful warriors spiritually supporting one another on their individual journeys to spread positivity and light. 

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