Monday, October 12, 2009

OnE eYe OpEn ! !

Ive been staring at my blank canvas for words, for at least a month...not feeling the least bit motivated to write anything. Not that nothing exciting has happened in the last month or so, I just cant bring myself to putting it into words and letting MY world (small as it may be) view it.
Two of my three daughters celebrated a birthday in September. One turning 14 and the other turning 2. Both of them have the same birthday. By choice ,my wife and I and my now 14 year old decided that when it was time for my now 2 year old to be born, we would have it on the same birthday as my now 14 year old. The doctor gave us the choice of what day and it happened.
Now I'm not so sure if eventually that will be a cruel joke for the both of them. One may get alittle more attention then the other one year,or one may get an extra present then the other. Could this cause some catastrophic effect on their life down the road. Could one night, I am awoken by one, if not both of them, standing over me in my bed yielding a very large sharp object, muttering incoherently about "SHE GOT MORE" or "I DONT WANNA SHARE".
I hope not! Lord knows my wife isn't going to wake up and save me. She could sleep through a bar mitzvah at a synagogue.
I doubt anything major will happen. I plan on having a few (many) temper tantrums and feelings hurt when that once a year date rolls around. Hopefully later in life ,when they are in their twenties it doesn't cause one of them to start drinking to dull the pains of a miserable birthday experience when they were younger. If I'm lucky ill wind-up taking her to a church basement to share her tears with complete strangers and bash us for her birthday....if not so lucky, she ends up on the waiting list for a dead motorcyclists liver.
All in all, we are happy in the moment. Everybody is getting what they want for gifts and special attention time. So for now I better get as much sleep as I can before I have to sleep with one eye open.

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