Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Why does X-mas seem to be so stressful? Did I get the right gift for the right person? Are they gonna like it? Did I spend too damn much? Then again I guess you cant spend too much when you don't much to start with. I think the best gift I can give and the one I want to receive is "Friendship"! There is nothing better than my friends. My real friends..The ones I know I can count on at any given time. I don't have to name know who you are. I may not talk to all of them on a daily basis , but I know they are there if I need them. And my gift to you is my equal respect and "Friendship" that you give me. I think there is no better gift that can be received. Your friends are still your friends after 12-25-2009 is over. They are still going to give you there "Friendship" gift year round. So I guess what I'm sayin, is that for Xmas I just want to keep getting and giving "Friendship". Plus its free!
I think there should be a holiday for exchanging material crap. You know, the crap you will probably shove in a drawer or closet and sometime later sell at a yard sale or give away anyway. Maybe even make it so its a paid day off work... maybe even have a parade...ok maybe not that one..just a thought.
Well I know I will keep bein me and you keep bein you...and we should be alright.

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