Sunday, January 10, 2010

TiMe FoR a VaCaTiOn

Well I've decided to make a few small changes in my life this year that will hopefully pan out with big results. I guess only time will tell.
One of these changes is going to be less time spent on Face Book! I know that sounds ridiculous, but the evil Internet dragon sucked me in for awhile when i wasn't paying attention. Now I'm payin attention and I don't like what I saw. At first it was cool to be reunited with old friends. I enjoyed alittle sneak peak into the private lives that my friends cared to show me. The wise cracks that some people would post made my days on a few occasions.
But now it seems like I let it get the best of me. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I would do after getting my daughter settled ,was turn on the laptop and get on Face Book to what "my peeps" where up to. It was like reading a soap opera sometimes. The drama that people air out online was incredible. Things I feel should have been kept to themselves, would be placed out for all to see. Brutally honest, but I felt alittle embarrassed for them. But I loved reading it.
I guess the only thing i have to say about the whole thing is..Thanx for the good times. But I am no longer hooked by your evil ways. I let you {Face Book} suck me in and corrupt me long enough. I will only use you sparingly and responsibly. No more will i sit in front of you for hours at a time reading , posting, and playing Crackville!

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