Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I would like to first start off by saying....
But what I would like to say is that yesterday was Columbus Day.
Some people get the day off from work.
Some people marched in parades.
Some people marched in protest.
But I would have to say that ( in my opinion ) MOST people could give two shits what holiday it was.
As long as its a paid holiday from work , who cares?
The only thing I know about Columbus Day is that Christopher Columbus was a murderer , thief, and rapist.
We have people like that know and guess where they are?
In prison!
So why do we need to celebrate someone that isn't all that great of a person ? The only time I ever thought about him was when I heard his name in 7Th grade, and most recently, when I found out it is NOT a paid holiday for me.
Ya cant tell me we need this holiday of observance to a person of this stature.
I know we needed him to start the birth of what America is today.
OK ,Thanx C.C.
I'm glad that some places are changing the name of this day and acknowledging the right full owners of this day.
O'well guess ill wait for Thanxgiving for a day off of work and another holiday that is wrong in the history books.
It should be renamed "Turkey Day". Because that's what I'm focused on...The turkey!
I'm not really a history buff so I'm sure there will be some flack from this blog. I'm sure some of my stated facts are incorrect, but that's my point about the whole thing....People don't know and dont care to know. Its my blog and I will write what I want to and not worry about recourse....Like I always say " I'm just Throwin Words...catch em if ya want...throw em back if ya want"

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