Friday, November 5, 2010

GeT oN BoArD !!

I have been in the graphics industry for over 20 years. Doing everything from screen printing to vinyl cutting to installing car wraps. I have worked at many print shops and been contracted by alot of print shops all over the united states to do work for them. I wouldn't say that I love my job but it sure beats diggin ditches or standing in the unemployment line. Its a learned skill that I can take anywhere and be able to make money at it.
About a year ago I got hired on at a graphics house. I was hired do to my skill level, and put into a spot in the company that wasn't really my skill level, but they wanted me there so when the opportunity came around they could just move me up to the new position.
I didn't mind...lower pay , learned another new skill, and met new people who i really enjoy working with. I knew one day a position would open up in upper management and I could have a good shot at it. In the meen time I gave my advice on projects and helped streamline things in my current position and hopefully helped make things alittle easier. I definitely learned alot from boss and co workers.
Well the day came and i began my training to lead a shift. First i had to learn the new equipment and familiarize my self with new software and new people. NO PROBLEM.....So i thought!
After just a few days at the new position i figured out that learning the new software and equipment was easy and retraining the people would be the challenge.. At least a computer does what you tell it to (most of the time). The people at the new place are stuck in rut of doing things a certain way because "That's what we always do and there isn't another way to do it".....I wanna kill someone when they say that..there is always another way to do something!!!! And usually its better,easier, and cheaper!
The attitude of "My shit don't stink" is so over whelming it is disheartening. On a daily basis I am challenged to hold my tongue ( and keep my gun at home lol ..just kidding) and not go off and tell some people to pack their shit and BEAT IT!!!! If Ive learned anything thru my years is that you are only good as those who surround you. And with that being said ...we are running at 50%..
Now I'm not the type to just run away..I look at this as being a huge challenge , a mountain to climb , a goal to achieve. I will do what it takes to not get slumped in to the negativeness that already exists ,and turn things around. I have never worked in a place like this one. The discontent the back stabbing the thievery and the "I don't give a fuck" attitude.
My family is counting on it and so am I. I refuse to stand back and watch things happen...I will make things happen. I will be part of the solution not the problem. If they don't get on board they will be thrown from a moving train. And my train is about to take off fast!

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