Sunday, April 20, 2014

CuT yOUr tOnGuE

 I know a few people that would have a shredded mouth! 

I've learned by trial and error that anything you say negative is going to eventually come back and haunt you. So why even open your mouth. Half the time when someone is talking shit, that's all they are doing......just talking shit. They cant back it up. They make idle threats that never happen and make themselves look so stupid its hilarious. 
I personally know an individual that has talked so much shit, that anything they say , no one even believes anymore. They cant validate anything. How can you live your life that way?! You are perceived as a liar. And no one likes a liar! You alienate yourself slowly from your friends then your family and eventually you are left standing alone with your dick in your hand going "What the fuck just happened?". And then your all alone to deal with your bullshit problems.
So basically, don't talk a bunch of shit! Give the same respect you wish to receive. Its not that hard. But i guess for some it is......

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