Sunday, May 11, 2014

iDo, PeRo NuNcA oLviDaDo

I lost a friend yesterday.....NO, I lost more than just a friend. He was one of my closest friends, he was my brother in a sense. Although we were from different families , when i was around his I felt like they were mine. I will NEVER forget you EDWIN VIVAS!


I will never forget the adventures we would have when we went on out of town installs. How much food can one man eat? LOL Everywhere we went you had to make sure you were fed and there was food close by in case of "emergency" fueling was needed to keep us going. I will never forget when we had to share hotel rooms....we had a blast seeing who could stink out who first lol. I will never forget how when we were both exhausted after working 16 hours straight with no breaks, you would push us to do just a few more hours.I will never forget your positive attitude on a daily basis. Even all the odds were stacked against you, you found a way make sure you did everything possible to make it go right.
As for knowing the family man part of you, that was a blessing. We would talk for hours about our home lives and how much each of us went through the same problems and the same pleasures.You were an inspiration to me to hold it together as much as i could through my daily struggles of life. You loved your family as much as one person possibly could. You always put them first and sacrificed your mind and body to do so. 
I could sit here and write for hours about all the good times and positive thoughts we shared together.And i will forever cherish all of them. 
I guess it finally has hit me today that I will never get to see you or shake your hand every morning when i get to work. I miss you already. I feel like a piece of me is gone. I will never forget you...EVER
I love you with all my heart and soul.
R.I.P. my friend 

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